About Us

Taiwan Nikkiso was established in February, 1993 as a subsidiary of Nikkiso. Nikkiso business includes three divisions: industry, aerospace, and medical science. There are two departments in industrial division: industrial and precision equipment departments. Industrial department mainly provides specialized pumps and systems that play an important role in each process of the energy field. The equipments function under diverse and severe conditions such as high temperature, ultralow temperature, high pressure, accurate metering, leak-free, etc. Precise equipment department mainly provides chemical dosing and sampling systems for boiler water in coal-fueled power plants, De-Nox and De-Sox accessory equipment for air pollution prevention, community waste water management system (CWMS), liquid nitrogen system, gas (nitrogen & hydrogen & CO2) flow & pressure conditional rack, gas (nitrogen & hydrogen & CO2) cylinder rack. Chemical dosing and closed-loop sampling system, buffer solution package for catalysts system in petrochemical plants are also provided.

Aerospace is expanding product lineups mainly for cascades with which Nikkiso holds over 90% global market share and increasing business size backed by the growing global demand for aircraft;Medical division mainly produces kidney dialysis machines and related medical equipment. Besides, it is newly expanded to the blood purification field, perioperative and emergency field, and further to the surgery field.

Nikkiso provides technologies and services to industries and medical institutions. We take this as a great responsibility, and are therefore both proud and humbled by the trust that our clients have in us. Nikkiso started producing water adjustment equipment for power plants at the beginning of Nikkiso’s establishment. Nikkiso also serves as the leading role in this industry in Japan. Dedicated to carry on Nikkiso’s business mission and social responsibility, Taiwan Nikkiso functions as an overseas location and is always expecting better development.